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Yet again…

It is embarrassing to keep writing the same thing over and over, but I lost it with the sweets again. Not just one sweet. Three different ones at different times of the day. So now I’m analyzing what is going wrong. What did I learn from the Beck book? To keep reminding myself of the self-talk I need to do before I need it, by reading my messages through the day. That’s what I’m not doing. I’m not reading my reminders when I’m sane so that they help me when I’m going insane. So what I still find challenging is to incorporate the daily reminders into my daily schedule.

I graphed out my weight loss since January. It looks like this:

Not hard to see that I’m merely staying in the range of the same couple of pounds for awhile now.

My basic meal eating, outside of the sweets, is still good. I had an egg, cheese and veggie scramble and oatmeal for breakfast. Making sure I have a full protein at breakfast is a strategy that seems to stave off hunger for most of the morning. Hey, let’s make that my helpful tool of the day. Lunch was some leftover pasta I made with chicken sausage in a tomato vegetable sauce and a salad. I’m loving Renee’s Ravin Raspberry dressing at 20 calories for a tablespoon. Supper was pizza as hubby had ordered in by the time I got home and I had the carbs left for the day.

Today was a rest day for my training. I’m following a plan I found on Runner’s World. I’m still sore, but not like I was on the weekend. Weirdest soreness – the second toe on both feet. Why toes? Why those ones in particular? Alas, an internet search turned up no explanation.


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  1. Cindy Braun said:

    Hey, I made that crockpot oatmeal with the double-boiler technique last night. Yummy! And not a crispy bit to be found! I threw in some raisins and dried cranberries and a peeled, diced apple. Sadly, I can’t eat oatmeal without a pile of brown sugar on it – but I have taken to adding cinnamon and nutmeg. Let’s see if this holds me for a bit longer this morning than my usual toast…

    Looks like you’re at a plateau. Let your body repair and it will start to move again. Plus you’re building muscle mass – weighs more itself, but will burn more calories, so I have confidence that if you keep pressing in the scale will move in the desired direction. But you know all that…

    Press in today. Take it hour by hour if you need to. Just don’t give up when you find out you’re human. All is not lost.

    Have a great one, Amazing Woman!


    • Okay – I’m going to have to try it tonight. I like adding dried cranberries and apricots and flax seed.

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