Changing my body and changing my life

Getting real

The running book I’ve been reading has been quite informative. Don’t know how much is backed by research, but theoretically it makes sense. The author pushes for not pushing it. He keeps saying that no one has every been injured by running too slow.

He also went into target heart rate stuff. I’ve been using THR on and off since we got a treadmill 3 years ago and it came with a free heart monitor. I’m not sure where I got the THR I’ve been using, but it turns out it’s way too high, which makes sense because it exhausts me. When I adjusted it today, however, I realized that I get to my THR just by walking very fast, and even fairly slow running takes me right over it. So my helpful tool is getting real and realizing that to reach my goals I may have to stop pushing for speed so much and go for endurance. I probably need to expect that I’ll end up walking MOST of the half marathon. But apparently a lot of people do, so I won’t look like a total idiot. It probably also makes sense because my right foot has been bothering me for days and quickly acts up whenever I get on the treadmill. If I overdo it, I may end up doing damage to my body that keeps me from the marathon. Better slow and steady.

Getting real is something that Beck talks about a lot in her book. Measuring food. Weighing yourself. Realizing that everything we do has an influence and not making excuses for our bad choices that then ultimately bring us down.

But getting real is also the challenge of the day. I feel so good when I’m running. Like a real athlete. When I’m walking, I feel like I’m back to fat-Judi. And I keep thinking of that Dave Barry column where he calls speed walking “Walking Like a Dork.”  And I keep thinking that there are people who are running the entire marathon who will come in ahead of me, and I feel just a tad pathetic.

Today I paid the dues and signed me, middle and youngest child up for the Manitoba Marathon. Both the kidlets want to run in the 2.6 mile Super Run. I am also fundraising for the event, which raises money for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This is a demographic close to my heart, both because I have worked with individuals with cognitive delays and because Fragile X, a condition that causes intellectual disabilities, runs in my family, so I have many relatives in my extended family living with a developmental delay, including 2 of my uncles. Here is my fundraising page.


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