Changing my body and changing my life

Today I went 18 km. I was exhausted on the 2nd half, even though I hadn’t worked that hard on the first half. I was skimming over Stanton’s book and noticed that he advises varying the intensity of weeks, hard and easy, in training. I’ve just been trying to build, build, build. Maybe I need an easy week, but is that wise when I’m going to do a half-marathon in less than a month?

I am really, really enjoying food, enjoying not feeling hungry so much. My weight is fluctuating up and down within about 3 pounds. I’ve noticed that my weight seems to rise when it’s raining. That is also when my husband’s back acts up; he says it’s because of the low pressure, it seems to make joints swell. I’m wondering if low pressure can also make water retention more likely.

I am still having trouble with having normal amounts of sweets but it’s a bit better now that I don’t feel deprived.

My helpful tool that I want to highlight is my MP3 player. Running with music can be very motivating. But it does have to be the right kind of music. As I’ve been upping my running, I realized that a lot of my music was slow and not exactly invigorating. Jan Arden, for example. Praise and worship which does have some upbeat songs, but tends towards more contemplative. One day at work I passed Gary in the hall. Gary works for another program, but we’ve talked on occasion and I know he used to be a radio DJ and still does some work in the music industry. I decided to take a chance and ask him if he’d make me a playlist of songs that would be good for running, and he said yes! So now I have some new music, and I’ve added some of my favourite songs to it.

But sometimes I want to have something to think about, so there’s always CBC Radio which, imho, has some of the best radio programming around, especially The Debaters (although it’s never on when I’m running). And then there’s audio books. Winnipeg Public Library branched into more electronic resources in the last year or so.


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