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Today I noticed that there is a difference between my experience of food when I’m in a feeding frenzy – just wanting to eat and eat and eat – and when I am not. Someone brought in chocolate cake to work today. It was there right after lunch which is, ironically, one of my feeding frenzy risk times. After a meal I often feel like keeping on eating. I decided, first of all, to just wait. The cake wasn’t going anywhere, and I told myself I wasn’t having it now, and later I would decide what I would do. Later I decided I would make it my treat of the day. However, I was out of feeding frenzy mode by that time and I noticed that it was easier to eat it slowly and savour the experience. In feeding frenzy, eating often happens so fast that I get little psychological satisfaction. So helpful tool #1 today was waiting to eat until I could appreciate it.

Prior to that I went to run/walk 8 km this morning. This was one of the hardest mornings yet to get out of bed. I had a slight headache and just felt exhausted and unmotivated. I had not gotten up the day before because I had been up doing housework to almost midnight. Yesterday was actually the run day and today was supposed to be a rest day, but I figured it made more sense to switch the two, and I still think so. However, not getting up yesterday, for some reason seemed to make it even harder to get up today.

But I forced myself out of bed and outside. Helpful tool #2 was my MP3 player. There is something about music that is motivating. A few weeks back I asked a co-worker to put together a playlist for me. And he did! He picked fairly quick moving long lasting songs. Having that new music has been great. Sometimes I will feel bored with music though, so listening to a radio or listening to an audio book have been a way to add interest to my times out.

Something I am finding challenging is figuring out how much and what to eat. While I’m still following the Mayo Clinic Plan, now the maintenance plan, I still suspect I will gain a lot of weight because I think my metabolism is just too efficient – i.e. my body uses energy sparingly and prefers to store it. I was on a bit of a roll with lower calorie amounts, as much as I found I felt deprived I kind of knew how much to eat when. Now I’m floundering a bit.