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Eat whole grains and breathe deep – but not at the same time

Eldest child had a friend over for a sleepover so hubby thought he’d make a great breakfast. Unfortunately, that consisted of sausages, hashbrowns and white toast, so I made the decision to go my own way. I found a recipe for whole wheat waffles and made up a batch. I even took a picture, but then we left the camera at the in-laws so I can’t show you. Lunch was a really simple soup made with vegetable broth, onions, celery, a frozen stir fry veg mixture and red curry powder. The Mayo Clinic Plan puts vegetable soups in the carbohydrates category, but when I make my own soups without any carbs in them (pasta, potatoes, grains) I feel quite free to count them as vegetables in my food plan.

I realized later than I hadn’t had any protein yet, but today that worked out in my favour as we went over to the in-laws and they had steak, which allowed me a bit more latitude to eat the amount I’d like. Being at my in-laws is always a challenge, food-wise. They show their love through food, in particular food that is high in fat, sugar and calories. I recall my father-in-law once wanting to feed our youngest cookies for supper because he was refusing what was on the table and FIL said, “Well, he has to eat something!” I avoided the treats by sipping coffee and knitting. At supper I majored on the salad, took only a half ear corn and a very small potato, and part of a steak. I didn’t have my measuring tools along so I had to estimate everything, but I think I came out on top.

After that was movie night and eldest wanted to make nachos. I made a fruit plate as I still had 2 fruit servings to go for the day (Mayo Clinic plan is a minimum of 3 fruit servings a day). I decided to sit far away from the nachos and luckily youngest proposed we cuddle on the couch while watching the movie. It’s very hard to reach for food when you’re snuggling with a cute 6 year old. Eldest asked me to try a nacho. I know that she feels hurt if I don’t try what she makes, so I had one but stopped there. That in itself is a small miracle. I love nachos. But I knew if I had more I’d be typing that right now, and didn’t really want to have to admit I blew my eating plan the 3rd day of blogging.

A helpful tool today was deep breathing. I used to discount deep breathing as anything meaningful for dealing with stress, but over the last couple of years I have found it to work really well when I am anxious, particularly when I am anxious about not eating. I didn’t have control over the timing of supper and as it was going later I started to get anxious, and with that, tempted. I sat down, took some deep breaths, and knit some more.

Something I continue to find challenging is eating whole grains. While I did make the whole wheat waffles, in all honesty I have to say taste-wise, I prefer the ones with white flour. Any quick breads, actually, to me taste better with white flour, so it’s challenging to resist when hubby makes the delicious stuff he does. Today I was shopping for a loaf of whole wheat bread. I look for 5 things: 1) That it be 100% whole wheat,  2) that it is not made with high-fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose on the ingredient list – thank you, Canadian regulators for making it hard for us to know what we’re eating), 3) that it not have shortening in it, 4) that a slice be less than 100 calories (in the Mayo Clinic plan a slice is supposed to be 70, but really, good luck finding that), and 5) that it not have an ingredient list that reads like a chemistry experiment; if I can’t find that ingredient in the store to make my bread, it shouldn’t be in what I buy. Sobeys had nothing that met my standard. I really like City Bread’s 100% whole wheat, but the bakery is out of my way.