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Good day, soups and emotional eating

I spent some time deciding what my blog will be like today. I see it as having 3 purposes:

1. To keep me accountable. If I’m writing what I’m doing on a daily basis, there is added incentive to stay on track.

2. To inspire others. I hope that my journey can help others along on theirs.

3. To get inspiration. I want to hear encouragement and ideas from other people.

So each day, I’ll post:

1. How I did that day.

2. Something that has been helpful to me in making lifestyle changes.

3. Something I’m still finding challenging.


Today went ok. I stuck to my eating plan, and I got in a yoga pilates workout to a DVD and 1/2 an hour on the treadmill. I was especially pleased with my treadmill performance as I spent 15 minutes of it joggging – first for 10 minutes, then for 5. In terms of eating, I decided against some of the unhealthier options my family was going for and just went my own way.

Helpful tool:

Today’s helpful tool is SOUP! Soup is a great food when trying to lose weight, especially broth based soups. This article tells a little bit about why it’s a good tool – basically it tends to be a low-calorie filler which helps you to eat less of higher calorie foods. Quick minestrone is one of my favourite recipes. I do it up in big batches and freeze it in individual sized containers for quick lunches. To prevent the pasta from getting too soft and yucky I cook it separately and just add it before serving.


I still find it hard not to soothe myself with food when I’m feeling upset or stressed. Sometimes I am able to think myself out of it – and sometimes I forget my skills and just zone in on the nearest chocolate.

Love to hear how you handle your emotions and food.