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Sick and tired and hungry

I was not feeling well today. Managed a half day with some working at home. I’m really tired so I’ll just say I skipped exercise so I wouldn’t give myself a migraine, but basically stayed within my serving guidelines.

Helpful tool: Self-talk. At one point I was thinking about how much I wanted some baked treat like a cookie or something, and how hard it is to eat just one. A priniciple of the Beck diet is learning to recognize what we tell ourselves. I was telling myself how hard it was to not have things or eat just one. Really, it’s not that big of a deal. I did have some room in my plan after not using up my sweet calories for a couple of days, so I made some granola bars, which did not turn out that well because of my alteration to the recipe to leave out nuts so the kids could take them to school.

Challenge I still face: While I stuck to my servings, I did give in to the temptation to graze at several points today. A bite here while putting away food, a bite there while baking. I’m finding that tendency hard to break. I guess I need some more self talk. It matters! Every decision gets me nearer to or further away from my goal.

I also found myself feeling really hungry after meals and realized I forgot to drink a couple of glasses of water with the meal as is part of my plan.

By the way, for you interested parents, we found a soy-butter than tastes pretty close to peanut butter. The kids are all taking it for sandwiches tomorrow.