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“Resistance muscle” and reasonable portions

My exercise goal is 30 – 45 minutes on weekdays and an hour on Saturdays, but this morning I could feel something in my neck and a twinge of a headache so I wondered if I was in migraine mode. Decided to just try walking on the treadmill and stretching while I was doing it. After awhile I was feeling okay, but decided to up the intensity with incline rather than speed today. I also decided to work out to my pilates DVD with the least amount of upper body exercises. In the end, no headache, no meds needed and I got my hour in.

Hubby made bacon and hashbrowns which wasn’t even an option. Which, as I thought about it, amazed me because there was a time I would have felt deprived and tempted. I’ve said no to bacon often enough now that it doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. Judith Beck writes about this as if your strengthening a muscle – the more you train your brain to resist, the better you get at resistance. So my helpful tool for today is strengthening the “resistance muscle”.

Instead, I had more crockpot oatmeal and fruit with greek yogurt. Basic and yummy.

Lunch was toast and the last of the vegetable soup I made a few days ago.

The fam and I went to the Manitoba Museum to see the space exhibit before it goes – it was very cool. While we were standing in line I felt like moving around. I’ve been trying to follow James Beckerman’s advice to increase my NEAT: Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. NEAT is all the activity we do throughout the day that is not exercise. Research finds that obese people move less overall. I’ve been trying to increase my NEAT by standing up or walking when I’m on the phone, keeping moving in small bits and flexing muscles when I’m in a vehicle. It’s becoming so I don’t like just standing still. Another principle I try to follow in that vein is not putting off simple tasks that require moving room to room, like putting things away.

For supper I started making a crockpot turkey lasagne and then realized I didn’t have lasagne noodles, so I put in a package of bow-tie pasta and just mixed all the ingredients. I am always too suspicious of the crockpot and dry pasta, so I added extra water which made the noodles too soggy. So it was okay, but not great. And yet I still had a small second portion. Also had a caesar salad and the broken glass cake:

You may recall my goal was to have dessert like a reasonable person. I did not do this, I went back for another 1/3. So it’s obvious that an issue that remains challenging is having treats without going overboard.

I’ve wondered about changing the recipe for broken glass cake so it’s healthier. Like using real fruit juice or fruit puree and adding unflavoured gelatin instead of jello, and incorporating yogurt in addition to whipped cream.

Today my weight shows I have 4 pounds to go to the goal.