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Heavy on the carbs, flat in the tire

Today I started off with another whole grain waffle and added egg with veg. One scrambled egg looks puny – add orange pepper and green onion and it is a thing of substance.

Later I checked the waffle calorie amount. At around 210, it is actually 3 carbs, not 2 like I had been assuming. So I was over by one in my carbs yesterday and today. Lunch was a curry chicken and rice dish that hubby cooked up a couple of days ago, and a salad. I’m experimenting using pureed veg as part of the salad dressing, so far with good results. I had a fruit smoothie and leftover vegetable soup from yesterday when I felt peckish in the afternoon.

Because I went too heavy on carbs, I brainstormed about what to make for supper without any carbs. Decided on vegetarian chilli. Then realized I needed to pick up my eldest from choir and bring her to her swim lesson, which left little time for preparing anything. I also did not like that I didn’t have ingredients that I would have liked, like jalapeno and zucchini, but realized I wouldn’t have time to pick the up. Solution: I told myself to just work with what I had on hand and quite being a foodie perfectionist. I quickly made up the chilli, put it in a thermos and then found a quiet spot outside (Outside! I ate outside! Yay, spring!) and ate supper while eldest did her lesson.

Upon getting back home, I realized I had a flat tire. I’ve never changed a tire before. It went relatively smoothly except for loosening the nuts. I was literally standing on the wrench and they still wouldn’t budge. Guess I’m just too thin, now. 🙂 Hubby, even though he wasn’t feeling well at all, came out and loosened them for me. He’s a good ‘un.

Did feel stressed out. Thought about chocolate. But we don’t have any good chocolate in the house, except chocolate chips, and that would be a waste to eat not in something baked and delicious. So I resisted. Munched a few strawberries.

Encouraging to see that my blog has been checked out over 60 times. But why so few comments?

Please, encourage me!

Helpful tool of the day: A good pair of runners. When I started exercising regularly I had a pair of walking shoes, almost hikers and just used those, because, well, I’m cheap. When they wore out so bad they were hurting my heels I invested in a good pair of Asics and it made a huge difference. I’m prone to migraines, and I have no idea why I didn’t connect inappropriate footwear with pain.

Still challenging: Just letting go of the desire for sweets and treats right after a meal. It takes up way too much mind space. Today I followed the Beck idea of rating the craving on a scale of 1-10 over time. I started off around 1:20 at a 4, then by over an hour later I was at a 3, and then I forgot to rate it. So it wasn’t that bad or all-encompassing. It does help to hold myself accountable to force myself to write down what I eat for the world to see.