Changing my body and changing my life

The Tools

There are a few things that have been especially helpful for me in losing weight.

The Beck Diet Solution

I came across this book one day and instantly recognized the last name. The author is Judith Beck, whose father, Aaron Beck, is the founder of Cognitive Therapy, one of the most effective forms of therapy out there. Judith takes CT and applies it to weight loss – with great results. By teaching readers to think differently about food, we start to develop skills to respond to difficult situations and make better choices – for life

The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid

Part of the Beck plan is to choose a healthy eating plan. An internet search quickly led me to Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid. It’s a little like the Canada Food Guide, but unlike the CFG it is science-based without the influence of the Big Food Industry.


I live in Winnipeg, where there is snow on the ground at least 5 months of the year. While I admire people who continue to run outside in January, I don’t want to be there. I love the treadmill because it’s easy to get exercise in any weather, and without leaving my home – no time needed to drive to a gym. It inclines and has poles to give my arms a workout, too. I can also watch TV while on it – exercise can be boring, so I might as well do something interesting.


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